App Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

If you’ve finally taken the leap and developed a mobile application for your business, congratulations! Apps are an essential aspect of your business’s online marketing presence. Mobile users prefer interacting with apps, especially when it comes to shopping. Apps also allows you to tap into audiences you may not have access to using other channels.

Developing a quality app is only the first step. The next is to make sure as many people as possible are aware of your app and its benefits. This requires an effective marketing approach, and the following are a few key strategies you can use to get the word out.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers so much value to businesses. Along with enhancing engagement with your current customers, establishing a strong presence on social media also allows you to reach new audiences. That’s why it should be an integral component of your app marketing process. Be sure to post numerous updates about your app, how it works, and what it offers. Also, make it possible for users to share experiences from the app to their social media pages for even greater outreach.

Email Marketing

Once you have customers, email marketing is crucial to help you retain them. When you develop new products or put existing ones on sale, email marketing ensures your customers are made aware of new developments so they can take advantage of them. You can also develop benefit programs for loyal customers, which will drive their in-app purchases even further.

Smart Banners

Your website and app must work in conjunction for the best possible results. One simple yet highly effective solution is to include a smart banner at the top of your website that invites the visitor to download your app. When browsing on a mobile device, the visitor can easily navigate to the app download page to begin the process. By including a convenient gateway to your app on your website, you make it much simpler for users to take the desired action.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is similar to SEO, except it takes place within the Google Play Store and App Store. Choosing the right keywords in your descriptions and titles help improve you ranking, but that’s not the only method of boosting awareness. Along with your primary app category, be sure to choose secondary categories that accurately describe your app to reach even more users. It’s also beneficial to include a video of the app in action, so users know exactly what to expect after download.

No two businesses are alike, which means your app advertising strategy will vary from that of your competitors. Our app development team at understand what it takes to promote your mobile application effectively. We also track the performance of your online marketing campaign so you can rest assured that it’s having the desired impact. Let’s discuss your mobile application marketing strategy to today.