How Can You Stay Ahead of Google’s Search Updates?

Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithm, which has a direct impact on your business’s online marketing. For instance, even a seemingly minor tweak can affect your search rank and leave your site on the dreaded second page of results.

The good news is that you can remain one step ahead of changes and updates by being proactive about your marketing strategy. Here are a few smart steps you can take.

Make Sure Your Site Is User-Friendly

User experience remains a constant ranking factor, no matter how many updates Google makes to its search algorithm. As a result, making your site as easy to navigate as possible is key to retaining a good search rank. Visitors must be able to find essential information, such as phone numbers and addresses, when browsing your site. The layout should be simple and uncluttered to prevent frustration and confusion. Swift page load speeds are also important, or you run the risk of the visitor clicking away.

Prioritize Content Quality

Content quality is another crucial component of a good user experience. Users want informative, entertaining webpages and blogs that are unique and free of duplication. Search engines also prize these qualities, which is why you must ensure your site is featuring the best, most relevant content as possible. Quality content also offers an additional benefit of establishing your business as an authority in your field, which enhances customer confidence.

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media can also help you maintain a good ranking in search results. The sharable nature of social media platforms allows your followers to share your posts far and wide. This is the digital form of “positive word of mouth,” which can lead new visitors directly to your business’s website. When crafting social media messages, keep them brief and engaging. You can also elicit your followers to leave comments and reviews to further expand your brand.

Working with a skilled and experienced digital marketing team helps you stay one step ahead of search engine changes. Here at, we monitor all impending Google updates to preemptively tweak our clients’ websites to match new policies and algorithms. We’ll help you establish a presence on social media and keep your audience engaged. Our web design team also ensures client sites look and function beautifully. Contact us today to discuss your strategy and how to improve it.