Which Social Media Practices Should Your Business Avoid?

Social media is an excellent way to grow your brand online. In addition to introducing new users to what your business has to offer, and potentially turning them into paying customers, social media also enables you to engage with the customers you already have.

However, businesses should avoid certain practices to ensure their marketing campaigns are as successful as possible. Here are a few of those missteps and how you can avoid them online.

Not Developing a Posting Schedule

Unlike personal social media, businesses shouldn’t just post whenever the mood strikes. Instead, you’re encouraged to develop a specific posting schedule to ensure you’re taking advantage of prime engagement opportunities. Your posting schedule should also vary according to the platform you’re using. For instance, brands can experience the most engagement on Twitter by posting five to ten times per day, while on Facebook one to two posts per day work best.

Being Too Promotional

Consumers will be put off by posts that are too salesy or promotional. Instead, posts should be entertaining and informative, while also adding value to your users’ lives. Your posting schedule can include updates on new products or special offers, but these posts should only appear sparingly to ensure maximum engagement with your audience.

Using Only Text in Posts

Texts posts can engage users, but using videos and images will enhance engagement even further. Videos and images can gain the attention of your target audience and compel them to take a certain action, such as visiting a physical store location or downloading an informational brochure. Dynamic posts can also boost the reputation of your brand and get your audience talking, which is key to growing your business.

Responding to Comments Incorrectly

Some customers may use your social media pages to leave dissatisfied comments regarding your goods and services. While it’s important that you respond to these comments in a timely manner, you must refrain from reacting angrily or aggressively. Arguing with customers online will never benefit your business, even if the customer is providing inaccurate information. Instead, apologize for the inconvenience and politely request that the customer message your business directly to discuss the issue.

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