Twitter Marketing for Business

Twitter. It’s not just a micro-blogging platform for celebrities. It’s not just a social news source. It’s a dynamic social networking site where a business can generate more leads, make more sales and build their reputation within their industry.

Here’s why Twitter is important for your business:

  • Twitter has 328 million active monthly users and 100 million active daily users
  • Around 80% of Twitter users recommend brands they follow
  • More than 40% of consumers learn about new products and services on Twitter

business marketing TwitterBut Twitter moves fast.

If you are interested in creating a Twitter presence or need help managing yours so you can get back to your real job, can help! The 140-character-limited sharing format creates multiple opportunities each day to engage with your “Tweeps.” To engage throughout the day takes a lot of your time and attention, maybe time and attention you can’t spare.

My Company Already Has a Facebook Page. Why Do I Need Twitter?

If you already have a Facebook page, great! But one social media platform isn’t enough. Especially because Twitter and Facebook do such different things.

Like Facebook, Twitter:

  • Presents an opportunity to be found by new and existing customers
  • Drives traffic to your website where customers can learn about your services, products and benefits
  • Allows you to tap into others’ social networks to grow your own (this happens as your tweets get re-tweeted and Tweeps look at who’s following who)
  • Is becoming increasingly important to your search engine rankings

But the primary difference between Facebook and Twitter marketing is the focus.

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Facebook focuses on the individual relationship you have with your fans. Twitter marketing focuses on building your reputation as an authority among your professional community. Your Twitter presence drives potential customers to your website because they know you know your field.

What Does Effective Twitter Marketing Look Like?

Because Twitter marketing is all about establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, you need to engage with others in your industry. But just because you’re engaging with others in your field doesn’t mean your tweets should all be informative or devoid of personality.

Like in all other social media channels, you need to keep your followers interested:

  • Tweet about a variety of topics
  • Let your personality shine through your no-more-than-140-character posts

Give people a reason to engage with you on Twitter. Don’t make it your personal advertising billboard that people just tune out. There is room to occasionally tweet product and service promotions, but you need to talk about more than yourself to keep people interested.

How can‘s Twitter Marketing Company Help?

Keeping up with Twitter can almost be a full time job. It takes a lot of effort to tweet quippy, witty, informative—but short—tidbits of information wrapped in genuine personality.

How can you manage establishing your authority in your industry and still have time to be the authority in your industry?‘s social media management team can take the burden of Twitter marketing off your hands. Our dedicated social media staff first takes the time to get to know you and your business so we know what personality and industry-relevant topics we need to convey on Twitter.

Then, we do the tweeting for you! We interact with your followers to show potential clients (and the search engines) that you’re actively engaged in the industry and with what they have to say, not just blasting your information.

If you’re ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, let us help you develop and manage your Twitter presence. Contact today to see how we can help your business gain new exposure through the power of social media.