Your Site is Not a Slow Cooker

One of the easiest cooking methods is to “set it and forget it” with a crock pot, or slow cooker. All of your ingredients are thrown in the pot, the temperature is set, and you are free to complete your daily activities without worrying about a casserole burning in the oven or noodles turning to mush on the stove. In about 4 hours, you can come back to the pot, open the lid, and dig in.

While this scenario is perfect for the novice chef or busy housewife, a Web site needs a bit more TLC. You can’t simply throw some content with a hint of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a dash of Web design into a magic pot and wait for the clients to come calling. In order to have an effective web presence and target your niche market, your site needs to be properly optimized by a professional SEO team.

There are over 100 components that make up the SEO process, and each one needs to be completed expertly. From copywriting to link building, Web design to analytical research, SEO is more of a gourmet team effort than a pot of partially cooked solo ingredients.

Without maintenance, updating, and improvements, your site will start to look like stale bread—and no one likes stale bread. By investing both time and advertising dollars in SEO, you can enliven your Web site, impress your audience, and watch your ROI rise.

A professionally optimized site needs constant attention—no setting and forgetting here. If you are interested in developing a solid Web presence and reaching out to clients online, carefully strategize your Web site’s design, content, links, and structure with an experienced SEO firm.