The ultimate goal of SEO is to maximize your site ranking. By boosting your site’s visibility and providing more traffic, you can increase the number of potential customers who see your message online and, hopefully, purchase your goods or services. At, our team works both to boost your site ranking and monitor your site’s behavior, making necessary changes as early as possible to keep your pages competitive and protect you from losing rank.

Two Types of Site Ranking

When you hear talk about site ranking, there are two possible things the term could describe.

One is the site’s page rank, which describes where it falls on the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo or Bing for any given search string. Boosting the page rank of a site so that it lands within the first few search engine results is the primary goal of search engine optimization.

The other is the website traffic rankings for the site, which explain how much traffic the site receives in comparison to other sites on the Internet. The more “hits” or traffic a site gets, the more people have visited it and thus the more popular it is. Boosting your website’s traffic rankings – and, by extension, your pool of potential customers – is the second goal of SEO.

Analytics and Monitoring

Part of our job here at is to build a site that will perform well in search engines. But the rest of our job is ensuring that it continues to perform – and that means monitoring your site’s website traffic rankings, page rank and other information on a routine basis. By keeping an eye on your site’s performance, we can make the necessary adjustments to maximize your site’s rankings.

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