Mobile devices have changed how people search the internet. GPS-linked mobile devices allow people to search for the products and services they want and get results from local vendors—neighborhood businesses like yours. If you want search engines to display your business to searchers in the greater Albuquerque area, then you need local search engine optimization services from a local SEO firm—

What Makes Local SEO Different

When you want to get found by local searchers, you may be less concerned with achieving the top spot in global organic rankings. Instead, where you really want to appear is in the top three results in Google’s Local Pack—the results pinned on a thumbnail Google Map—or comparable local-focused results section in other search engines.

For your business to appear in these highly competitive local search results, your SEO approach needs to change. In addition to having content rich with relevant keyword terms, your website also needs to:

  • Include local geographic modifiers
    For Albuquerque businesses, that might mean including phrases that specify your city location, like “Northeast Heights,” “South Valley” or “near Kirtland AFB.”
  • Incorporate structured data
    Each web page’s meta data needs to conform to search engine-preferred schema so that your link appears with a visually enhanced snippet.

And, you need to have a fully developed Google My Business (GMB) profile. Google will only give top visibility to their own web properties, so you simply must have it. But to increase the likelihood that your company’s GMB profile is featured in Local Pack results, it needs to be optimized like your website.

Where to Get Better Local SEO

Albuquerque businesses will get the best return for their search marketing investment from a local SEO firm. knows Albuquerque. We know the city; we know your target audience. So, we know how to craft content and engineer your website and other online properties to get you found in Google’s Local Pack and organic search results.

Get better results from local-focused mobile searches. Contact us to schedule a free SEO consultation.

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