When seeking goods and services online, people typically want to receive local results. Customers are most likely to patronize businesses in their own city or town, and often search for information online before actually making a purchase.

The higher your business’s website ranks in local searches, the more visible it will be to potential customers. SonicSEO.com can help optimize your site to ensure it meets the criteria set forth by search engines, including Google. We understand relevant ranking factors and utilize them when building your online marketing strategy.

The Difference Between Local and Organic Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts a website’s ranking by ensuring it meets relevant criteria. With local searches, this entails adding geographic identifiers to online content. These identifiers, such as a city name, ensure your site appears prominently in Google’s Local Pack, which features a map and local business listings. When users conduct searches related to nearby goods and services, sites optimized for local searches will appear higher on the results page.

On the other hand, organic searches are optimized for several different factors. The quality and uniqueness of content, internal and external links, page performance, and mobile responsiveness all count towards a site’s search rank. Ultimately, websites that feature a blend of local and organic search results have the best chance of reaching their target audience.

How to Enhance Local SEO

In addition to optimizing your site for organic ranking factors, SonicSEO.com will also enhance your local search rank by:

  • Creating a Google My Business (GMB) Listing – Business’s with comprehensive GMB listings have a much better chance of achieving a high rank in the Local Pack. Along with your business’s address and phone number, you must also include a detailed description, images, and videos for the best results.
  • Ensuring Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly – Most local searches take place on a mobile device. To ensure the best possible user experience, we’ll make sure your website is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind.
  • Encouraging Customers to Leave Reviews – The more reviews your business has online, the higher it will rank within local user searches. That’s why we encourage customer feedback from your target audience, which will showcase where your business excels.

Based in Albuquerque but serving clients all over the nation, SonicSEO.com knows the relevant ranking factors and proper SEO practices. We’ll make sure your site is highly visible to local audiences, while also optimizing for organic ranking factors.

Get better results from local-focused mobile searches. Contact us to schedule a free SEO consultation.

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