SEO Strategies for Small Businesses During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all Americans immensely, but small business owners have been hit especially hard. Constantly changing information on closures, re-openings, social distancing practices, and other pertinent topics have left many business owners scratching their heads.

There’s also the issue of reduced profits. This has led some business owners to consider cutting their marketing budgets but doing so could have many disastrous effects. Revamping your current SEO strategy is the preferred tactic for sustained success, and the following strategies are more beneficial than ever when faced with the effects of coronavirus.

Integrate Coronavirus-Related Keywords

Your customers must be continually updated on essential subjects like sanitization practices and business closures, and these updates are best facilitated by your website or social media pages. When crafting these messages to keep your customers informed, using coronavirus-related keywords expands your reach. It’s also a good idea to create content, such as blog posts, that fuse coronavirus topics with your area of expertise. That way you’re getting the word out about your business while also providing useful information to readers.

People these days are searching for information on proper cleaning and sanitizing practices and many diverse businesses can tie this info to their businesses. For instance, an automotive company might provide ways for car owners to reduce maintenance and fuel costs while times are tough. Conversely, a cleaning company could provide instructions on how to best clean your home to prevent illness. A law firm may even offer tips on how to navigate custody issues during a pandemic.

Make Local SEO a Priority

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly curbed travel for most Americans. When people are unable to travel, they’ll be looking for goods and services in their own neighborhoods all throughout the year, even during traditional travel periods such as the summer months. Now is a great time to focus on local SEO to reach all possible consumers in your area. In addition to using location-based keywords, you should also ensure your presence on Google Maps is accurate and up to date. This is particularly important when it comes to business hours and closures.

Include Long-Form Content into Your Marketing Efforts

People with more time tend to spend more time on the internet. While there is a belief that short-form content (meaning pieces that are 500 words are less) is best to meet the ever-decreasing attention span of society, now is a great time to use long-form content to satisfy your readers with more free time than they normally have. Long-form content usually entails articles from about 1,200 words or more, which naturally keeps visitors on your site for even longer. It’s also perceived as offering greater value to readers, which will boost the perception of your business and brand in their eyes.

We’ll Keep You on Track Through Good Times and Bad

SEO services are essential these days, especially for small business owners. remains committed to meeting the needs of our clients in every way we can. If you’d like to revisit your current SEO strategy to make sure it’s suited to the “new normal”, let us know. We’ll make the proper adjustments so you’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers.