Premium Voice Marketing Services

People aren’t searching the way they used to. Instead of typing in search terms on their devices, more and more people are relying on digital assistants to help them find answers to their questions and products and services to meet their needs. That means to stay visible, your website (and social media) need to rank well in voice-activated searches.

The catch? Optimizing your website and social media for voice search is not something that can be easily done after the fact. The practices that boost ranking potential need to be integrated from the ground-up.

voice marketingFor many SEO firms, this is a big problem. For, it’s not. is a leader in the SEO industry. We have always stayed on top of trends in search marketing, and that includes developing content that reads like naturally spoken language. Our ability to predict changes and adapt our practices ensure that the way we do search engine optimization allows your business to perform well in searches mediated by digital assistants, like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.

Understanding Voice Search

Voice search is simply the next evolution in internet search. Rather than typing in truncated search phrases, smart device users simply talk to their digital assistants, using the same natural, spoken language they would use when addressing a real human assistant, to find the information they want.

Who Needs Voice Marketing

Voice search and mobile device usage are strongly linked. More people now use mobile devices to search the internet than desktops…and that has led to an explosion in the use of digital assistants. Already more than half of all Americans have performed a voice-activated search. And, with the integration of smart technology into homes and vehicles, the number of people relying on voice-activated search will continue to grow.

That means every business that relies on the internet to raise brand awareness, expand their target market and increase their sales potential needs voice marketing. And, because mobile devices integrate GPS, local businesses, especially, can benefit from voice marketing.

Integrated Voice Marketing Services for Your Business

Voice marketing is not a set of practices or applications that can be layered onto your existing online presence. Success in voice-activated searches requires your entire website (and social media presences) to integrate the natural language real humans use to look for the products and services they want and you offer.

That is why does not offer voice marketing as a separate service.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. existed before Google did. And we’ve thrived in the industry because we have always been quick to adapt our SEO strategies as trends emerged and algorithms updated. Voice-activated search is just a new trend—one for which we were already prepared because of what we have done all along—create valuable content using the natural language of real human users. So, when you choose us for your custom website design and SEO services, voice marketing’s already included.

Find out if your online presence is being seen by people using voice search. Contact us to schedule a free SEO consultation.