The Cost of SEO

No sustainable business model involves throwing away money on marketing strategies that don’t work and/or overpaying for services. So, is search engine optimization worth the expense? How much should you be paying for SEO?

What Are You Paying For?

What “SEO” entails will vary by company. At, our search engine optimization services are comprehensive. We offer:

  • Original website design
  • Quality content creation
  • Link building
  • Ecommerce integration and support
  • Website analytics and performance evaluation reports
  • Dedicated customer service support

When you see our menu of services, you can see that it takes expertise in an array of fields, and that expertise is developed over years of experience. Our expertise is valuable as is the amount of time you can dedicate to running your business because we’re handling your website…and that’s reflected in the cost of SEO. (What’s also reflected in our SEO packages is a lower average cost of doing business, so local and out-of-state businesses benefit from rates lower than competitors outside New Mexico.)

Is It Worth It?

Every business must determine on their own if SEO is worth the investment, but considering today’s customers and clients expect everything at their fingertips, it’s difficult to imagine succeeding without a highly performing website.

To save the monthly cost of SEO service, you forfeit:

  • New leads
  • New sales
  • New market opportunities
  • Brand recognition and loyalty

Considering the potential of the leads and sales the Internet offers, SEO service is a small price to pay…but it’s only worth paying if it’s done well. At, we do SEO the right way, and our clients reap the benefits!