SEO Bootcamp Day 8 – Freshen Up Your Content

On the 8th day of boot camp, my marketing expert told me:  FRESHEN UP YOUR CONTENT

Search engines do not want to send their users to search results that have gone stale. To make sure that’s a category your website does not fall into, you need to update your content regularly. However, you do not want to continually overhaul or change your website pages. That’s confusing for human users who regularly visit your site, and it can hurt your ranking potential.

Instead, you can post “new” content without generating completely new content by refreshing and reposting your most popular blogs.

First, identify blogs that have already performed well. That indicates which topics your users are most interested in. Then, update it by:

  • Adding new content or details
  • Removing outdated information (including studies or links)
  • Reformatting it to change the order in which the content is presented and/or to make it more scanner-friendly

Update the title, too, but make sure that it’s evident that this blog is a new and improved version of one that viewers already liked.

While you’re making changes, don’t change the blog’s URL. That will kill the search engine performance it already achieved.

Of course, once you review your blogs to see what topics got the most clicks, generate more. Brand new content is always, good, too. If you have trouble keeping up with a regular blog schedule, contact for help.