SEO Bootcamp Day 3 – Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

On the 3rd day of boot camp, my marketing expert told me:  OPTIMIZE YOUR GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PROFILE

Google likes to keep Internet searchers on their properties, which includes Google maps and the snippets of top-ranking results immediately below the map, like these results for “private security Albuquerque”

To show up in these snippets, you have to provide Google with your contact information rather than make Google search for it…and optimizing your Google My Business profile is pretty easy. Assuming you already have a Google My Business profile, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure all fields (required and optional) are filled in—leave nothing blank
  2. When possible, in relevant fields, incorporate keyword terms that you want to be found for and your target geographic location—be as specific as possible without being restrictive

If you do not already have a Google My Business profile (or have no idea if you do but want one), contact