SEO Bootcamp Day 11 – Implement a Review Management Strategy

On the 11th day of boot camp, my marketing expert told me:  IMPLEMENT A REVIEW MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

You’re never going to please everyone all of the time. That’s just life. But to make even negative reviews work for your business instead of against it, you need to do something with them rather than ignore them or try furiously to block them. That’s where review management comes in.

Assign someone (maybe someone from to monitor online platforms where people can post reviews about your business—e.g., Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, etc. When you come across a negative review, respond to it calmly, courteously and with the intent to learn from and/or correct the problem. Your respectful, proactive response may salvage an existing client relationship, but (possibly more importantly), it may bolster confidence, trust and loyalty in the clients and potential clients who view this online exchange.

You are under no obligation to give away freebies or discounts, but you are required to use respectful language to inquire into the situation and/or request that the reviewer contact you on a private platform.