Search Intent: What It Means & How to Use It to Your Advantage

Search intent is a vital concept in this respect. Search intent refers to the motivation behind different types of online searches, from probing for general information to looking for a site to make a purchase from.  Since intent is the driving force behind an internet search, not all searches are the same. Understanding this is key when trying to attract new customers to your business. Here are a few of the most common search types:

Navigational Searches

A navigational search is when a person types a specific business name into a search engine. As an example, searching for “ABC Plumbing Company” will take the user to that specific site. Because these types of searches are so exact, it can be hard to use them to your advantage.

Informational Searches

As the name implies, informational searches are those conducted in pursuit of knowledge or information. These searches are far more general in nature and usually involve “how to” phrasing. A person may also be in pursuit of information about a service or product, but not with the intention to buy.

Because informational searches are broad in nature, it’s slightly easier for businesses to position themselves appropriately within results. The best way to do so is to provide content that informs and educates, which establishes your brand as an authority in a given industry or area. For instance, you may create a blog listing helpful tips on a topic. User guides are also beneficial for providing the information a consumer is seeking while also allowing them to link your brand to knowledge.

Transactional Searches

Transactional searches occur when a purchase is imminent, which means they offer the most value to a business. They can feature the names of specific products or services including the brand, or they may be a general search for a certain type of product, such as a washing machine. They also commonly feature words like “buy” or “order”, which clearly establishes a person’s intent in conducting the search. Vertical searches are a specific type of transactional search in which a user is making an industry-specific query, such as looking for a restaurant to dine at.

Ensuring you rank locally is a great method for making an impact in consumer’s transactional searches. When a person in Albuquerque is looking for a new hair salon or television, it stands to reason that the consumer will shop for services and items locally. Also, when creating pages for any products or services you sell, make sure they’re properly SEO optimized and user-friendly, which facilitates a faster, smoother purchasing process for consumers.

We’ll Expand Your Understanding of SEO Best Practices

SonicSEO understands that determining search intent is complex for businesses who already have a lot on their plates. That’s why we provide a broad range of SEO services, which not only helps you create quality websites, ads, and other content, but also allows for monitoring of analytics and rankings to ensure the right alterations are made to keep your business on the minds of your targeted audience.