Strategies to Grow & Scale Your Online Presence

The ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic has made online presence more important than ever for businesses. Many people are choosing to stay home as much as possible, which means your website and social media will be their primary points of interaction. You can also use these channels to extend beyond your current audience to target new consumers. This is crucial if you’re trying to build up your finances in the wake of all the recent challenges.

If you’re not currently satisfied with your online presence, there are lots of ways you can improve it. The following strategies will help you grow and scale your digital brand for the best shot at success in this constantly changing time.

Employ SEO Best Practices

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) can greatly increase the visibility of your online brand. The better your SEO strategy, the higher your site will rank in searches. And the higher your site ranks in searches, the greater your brand exposure among consumers focusing on ecommerce as opposed to in-store visits.

Good SEO entails use of the right keywords, which will bring your target audience directly to your website. Your content must also be original and free of duplication, as this can get you penalized by search engines. Solid titles are also important, as they will compel the reader to continue through your website for more information.

Ensure Your Website Makes a Great First Impression

Along with the practical benefits of having a website during a pandemic, it’s also a way to make a favorable impression on consumers before they ever do business with you. Consider that many people judge a brand based on the quality of their website. In addition to how a site functions, the way it looks can also have a huge impact.

The best sites are sleek, modern, and easy to navigate. They offer an uncluttered design that is pleasing to the eye. They also make important information, such as the location and hours of your physical location, easy to find. This information should be updated as needed to ensure your customers have the most accurate information.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Every business must have a presence on social media, especially now with so many people spending more time online. However, creating a profile on every platform is not the best strategy. You want to focus on those platforms where your audience is most likely to be found. That’s a much better use of your resources than featuring your brand on every popular platform.

Digging into your audience demographics is a good place to start. If you have an older audience, Facebook might be the preferred platform, while younger people might prefer Twitter or Instagram. It’s also possible that your audience is active on a few different platforms, in which case you can feel free to establish a presence on those.

Create a Google My Business Profile

Local search visibility is a key component of a robust online presence. When consumers where you live search for products or services, they want results from local businesses. Completing your Google My Business profile ensures your business is visible in local searches, which is key to making a big impact on the local audience.

The more complete your profile is, the greater your visibility. Provide information on sanitization measures and social distancing to ease the minds of consumers. You should also add images and videos to your page to showcase what your business is about. You can even encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews. And when they do, be sure to respond to them quickly.

With in your corner, you can rest assured of an effective growth strategy for your online brand. Our online marketing approach is based on proven practices, but we always stay one step ahead of current trends. Our knowledge of SEO ensures good visibility, while our skilled web designers ensure your brand makes the best first impression. Let’s discuss your current web strategy today.