It Pays to Be Proactive

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” and proactive SEO is one way to earn your pennies! Proactive SEO allows you to direct your online marketing efforts on your terms, and with to help, it takes less work than you might think.

What We Mean by Proactive SEO

There have always been two ways to approach marketing:

  1. Proactive: Dig in, do the research and find what marketing strategies will work best for your business
  2. Reactive: Wait to see what your competitors do and try to do it “better”

Proactive marketing offers a number of benefits to businesses that invest the energy:

  • You never to lose money during those “wait” times while your competitors are launching their marketing campaigns
  • You don’t risk brand confusion because your consumers can’t distinguish between your business your competitors’
  • By continually refining your company’s mission, unique value proposition and sales process, you continually streamline your operations, making everything more cost-efficient

There’s just one catch to proactive marketing—it takes energy and imagination.

What Proactive SEO Requires

In order to execute a proactive SEO campaign, you need to be on top of what the search engines are valuing in their algorithms so that you come out on top. What’s trending now? A good user experience beyond the search engine results pages, which demands:

  • Fast load times
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Relevant quality content

When it comes to ranking content, search engines are using viewer time on page (higher is better) and bounce rates (lower is better). Plus, search engines know that web viewers do not want to pour over web pages. That means you need to deliver dense content—text that makes a point in fewer words (while making sure to incorporate relevant short- and long-tail keyword phrases).

Wow! That’s a tall order. But for clients of, your order’s up! We have always taken a proactive approach to SEO. We do our homework to identify keyword phrases that will work for you. We design your website to be attractive and easy to navigate on any platform. We create content that provides your customers with quality information in an easy-to-scan format to increase time on page and conversion rates.

If the New Year is bringing changes to your marketing goals, please contact us. We want to make sure your SEO campaign stays in-step with your day-to-day operations.