Can Custom Product Pages Help Your Mobile App Marketing?

Once you’ve developed a helpful and user-friendly app, the next step is to market it. Solid app marketing ensures your creation is seen by as many people as possible, which means more downloads and increased sales revenue.

When it comes to App Store marketing, recent changes have improved the way businesses can market their apps to customers. Custom product pages allow you to showcase unique features of your app and personalize appeal to specific portions of your audience. Here’s what business owners need to know.

How Custom Product Pages Work

Product pages are what people see when they search the App Store. Previously, users would only be privy to a single default product page, which displays certain components of your app to entice people to download it to their mobile device. The new update now allows app creators to display up to 35 different product pages to showcase different app features and content. Each product page features a unique URL, which can be shared with your target audience as you see fit.

How Custom Product Pages Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The key to a good marketing strategy is to identify your target audience and make specific appeals to that group. However, there’s lots of diversity even within your target audience, which means you’ll have even greater marketing success by honing your strategy further.

Custom product pages allow you to take specific features of the app and showcase them individually to appeal to specific users. For example, if your goods or services change according to the seasons, custom product pages can be designed to showcase those changes when relevant. Some apps might have features that appeal to different users, such as fitness apps. With custom product pages, you can efficiently market the app to experienced athletes as well as those new to the world of fitness.

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