People today are more connected than they’ve ever been thanks to social media. Social media can also strengthen the bond between businesses and their customers, provided those businesses have access to dependable SMM profiles, effective online branding, and consistent messaging.   For more than two decades, has helped local and national businesses get the most out of relevant social media platforms. We do so by developing strong, consistent messaging suited to new and existing customers. We’ll also help you identify your target audience using a research-based approach so you’re focusing efforts where they’ll have the most success.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Medical Spa

When seeking new customers in your area, social media is the best place to start. Social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, are where people congregate online. Consider that Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active users on a monthly basis.

Along with attracting new customers, effective social media marketing also allows you to strengthen the connection you have with your current customers, so they’re more likely to return to your medical spa in the future.

The Role of Brand Identity in Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media is most successful when businesses have a strong brand identity. Branding is a way to communicate what your business stands for, what it values, and what customers can expect in terms of experience. Social media messages must be developed with these factors in mind, so your followers will take a more personalized view of your business.

Consistent branding must be used across several platforms for the biggest impact. This includes:

  • Facebook – Posts made to Facebook can be easily shared by your followers, which helps expand your customer base.
  • Google Maps – A strong presence on Google Maps boosts SEO performance and establishes your medical spa as a trusted business.
  • Twitter – Twitter is all about frequent updates to keep you in your followers’ feeds, and on their minds.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest allows you to establish your brand visually by posting exciting and interesting images.
  • Instagram – Also known for image-based content, Instagram is a great medium for presenting images of your spa, as well as sharing pictures about any products and services you offer.
  • LinkedIn – Establishes your medical spa from a professional perspective. A presence on this networking site can reach potential clients you may have missed elsewhere, while also helping you expand your staff.

Wherever you see your business headed, has the tools to take you there.

Contact us for more information on scheduling a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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