The Future of Online Marketing After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of people all over the world. Along with the personal toll the disease has taken, business owners also find themselves facing challenge after challenge. One major obstacle has involved the way businesses market themselves to consumers.

Worries about contracting Covid-19 has led many people to prioritize online shopping in many instances. And while many businesses have since re-opened, the reliability on online commerce doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Here are a few things business owners must keep in mind when it comes to their digital advertising strategy.

Emerging Importance of Local Searches

Ranking high in local searches is more important than ever for businesses these days. Most consumers seek out local businesses when searching for goods and services, whether they need a plumber or are replacing a major appliance.

You can improve your local rank by completing a Google My Business profile. These profiles list important information regarding location, phone number, hours of operation, and other things customers must know. However, they also help Google populate maps during local searches, which is how a majority of consumers discover local businesses.

Greater Reliance on Ecommerce Sites

While online shopping was already on the rise before the pandemic, it’s now the preferred retail method for most consumers. Online retailers large and small have seen exponential growth in ecommerce sales, and there’s no indication that this growth will end any time soon.

To provide a satisfactory shopping experience, ecommerce sites must offer easy navigation, uncluttered layouts, and a secure purchasing process. Customers want to feel confident that their banking and credit card information can be safely input into your site. They also want to find answers to common questions easily, which is why many sites now use chatbots to address frequently asked questions.

Deeper Connection Between Businesses and Customers

Businesses can no longer take an impersonal approach to their brand marketing. While it’s important to show the quality of your staff, products, and services, you must also establish that you have your customers best interests in mind at all times.

That’s where effective use of social media marketing comes in. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide a direct link to customers, but they can also be used to showcase your brand’s more personal side. Warm messaging, humor, and community involvement all illustrate that your business is focused on what matters most, just like your customers.

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