Leveraging Location Data to Target Local Customers

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s not enough to understand a market audience. Now, consumers expect brands to know where they’re at, what they’re doing and what they’re needs are in any given moment, and then to deliver a unique experience based on that information.

According to BeaconStac, 60% of consumers say they want a more personalized shopping experience. More than 70% say that a beacon-triggered notification, such as a welcoming SMS message upon entering a store, would convince them to make a purchase about which they were hesitant. This targeting, on an internet scale, is leveraging “location data”.  Specifically, we are speaking about notifying potential consumers of specific goods and services near their current physical location.

Incite Meaningful Engagement

It doesn’t do any good to notify consumers at a mall that XYZ Chinese has a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal happening when XYZ doesn’t have a location in, around, or near the mall or even in that city.  However, internet search notifications for products and/or service which are tailored for a specific area, are 3.5 times more apt to be opened and responded to than a random notification (Beintoo). By defining and targeting a location within a site’s SEO coding, we can boost the organic search response from Google, getting the results to the customer who is in the position to act upon the information.

Boost Sales

Location data allows you to track precisely where your customers are. A well-timed promotion sent directly to their smartphone may be enough to convince them to make a purchase they’re only considering. In fact, according to data from Swirl, 60% of shoppers open and engage with beacon notifications, while one-third actually redeem the offer at the point of purchase. Swirl mentions a Chinese jewelry chain, who increased sales by $16 million after implementing beacon technology.

Retain Loyal Customers

Consumer behavior has shifted, and so too has their conception of loyalty.  Shoppers today don’t just want personalized offers — they also want reminders that their business is appreciated. Moreover, more than three-quarters of customers want to know that a brand cares before they even make the purchase.

By leveraging location analytics, brands can deliver relevant and timely customer loyalty efforts.  Beacon technology makes it easy to set up, deliver and track rewards, points, contests and specialized offers, all of which help to drive sales and encourage repeat business.

SonicSEO.com, Inc. can provide a deeper understanding of how to increase your foot traffic by delivering a better focused personalized customer experience. Contact us and ask about location targeting within your website. If you’re not already leveraging location data, now is the time to start.