Top 3 Key Performance Indicators for SEO Success

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are helpful metrics you can use to determine whether your current SEO strategy is a success. KPIs vary from business to business based on the type of services or goods you provide, which goals you’d like to achieve, and other essential factors.

However, certain KPIs have value for most businesses, so you must ensure you routinely track these metrics. Here are a KPIs to keep an eye on when it comes to SEO.

1. Average Engagement Time

Average engagement time lets you know how long a user’s browser is focused on a particular website. This metric is important because engaged users are most likely to take additional actions, such as schedule service, purchase a product, or reach out for more information. While specifics can vary, 57 seconds is usually considered a good average engagement time for websites. Additionally, engaged sessions are defined as those where a conversion event takes place (i.e., the user performs a desired action), the user remains on a page for ten seconds or more, or the user views more than one page.

2. Content Efficiency

Content Efficiency is a metric that compares the rate of content publishing/updates with how often the site achieves its content goals. Content Efficiency is measured in percentages, with higher percentages corresponding to greater success. For example, if you’re spending $300 per page to create and update content, and your Content Efficiency rating is only 10%, you’re not getting an optimum return on investment. In general, businesses should aim for at least 40% efficiency, if not higher. Achieving a good rating can help you improve your SEO strategy to gain a higher return on and reduce spending.

3. Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) refers to the monetary value that each customer provides over the course of their relationship with the business. Instead of focusing on just a single metric, CLV looks at each step in the customer journey to determine whether the current marketing strategy is as effective as possible. It’s possible to trace CLV back to specific SEO tasks to determine whether they’re lucrative for a business to pursue. Doing so can help you hone your SEO strategy and make tweaks to processes that aren’t having the intended effect.

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