A Guide to Developing Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram plays a significant role in numerous campaigns. This image-focused medium presents a dynamic and exciting view of your business and brand, while also providing the opportunity to produce highly shareable content.

As a result, your Instagram strategy must be carefully created to ensure success. Here are a few key principles of developing an effective marketing campaign.

Determine the Goal of the Campaign

Every good marketing strategy should have a solid plan in place, and all great plans begin with a goal. Some businesses want to boost their profits through social media, while others are mainly focused on growing their user base. You might also be in search of an outlet to promote new products or discounts. Take some time to consider your top priority for Instagram to help hone your marketing strategy.

Decide How Often to Post

Most businesses utilize content calendars to plan out their posts over a certain period of time. Monthly content calendars are quite common, but they can comprise any time period that feels appropriate to you. They also allow you to precisely plan your posting schedule, which has a big impact on success.

Posting too much will turn off followers while posting too little may drive them away from your page. In general, one post per day works for a lot of businesses, but you can increase or decrease post frequency according to your needs.

Create Compelling Captions

In addition to sharing interesting photos and videos, you must also create engaging captions to accompany them. Keep in mind that much of the caption will be hidden until expanded, so you must make that first sentence count. You also want to get readers thinking, which can be achieved by asking compelling questions. Finally, adding value in the form of educating or informing the reader also makes a big impact.

Don’t Forget Your Hashtags

Hashtags help your profile appear in more searches, so they’re another integral component of effective marketing. The best strategy for selecting good hashtags is to use a combination of terms. Super popular hashtags show up in searches but are highly competitive. As a result, they should be combined with niche hashtags that are associated with your business or industry.

Many businesses see great results when they use 15 to 20 relevant hashtags. You can definitely use more, but keep in mind that only 30 of your hashtags will actually appear in user searches. Any hashtags used beyond that will not be linked to your business in searches.

In addition to Instagram, SonicSEO.com is also familiar with many other social media platforms. We’ll develop a solid marketing strategy for each channel, while also ensuring that branding is consistent throughout. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your Instagram goals.