How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Having a diverse array of marketing strategies at your disposal is best to ensure all your bases are covered. Along with conventional SEO methods and maintaining a solid presence on social media, you can also leverage the influencer craze to increase awareness of your business and brand.

Influencer marketing does not just involve massive celebrities and online personalities with followers in the millions. It can also involve a smaller niche or market, while still wielding incredible clout when it comes to the content posted and shared.

Influencer marketing is a valid use of your time and effort, provided you take the right steps.

Use Social Listening to Find Relevant Influencers

Social listening tools allow you to monitor different social media channels for relevant information. You can listen to what people are saying about your business or industry, while also looking for personalities relevant to your brand.

Social listening tools alert you anytime certain keywords are used across different platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Along with helping you discover the influencers within your industry, it can also help you gauge what your customer base is talking about at any given time.  

Do Research on a Select Few

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to three or four candidates, take time to research them online. Look at their brand affiliations for similarities to your own. The more experience an influencer has with businesses similar to yours, the more effective they’ll be when promoting it.  

Also, make sure your selections actually have the social influence they purport to have. Check out their follower counts, engagement on posts, and comment quality. Some influencers talk a great game, but reality paints a much different picture.

Develop a Marketing Goal

Ideally, you’ll find an influencer with the right credentials who aligns with your business philosophy. From there, you must determine the goal you hope to accomplish by incorporating influencer marketing into your strategy.

Pursuit of new audiences is a great reason to align with an influencer. Maybe the person has the ear of a younger market that you feel would be interested in what your business currently offers. You may also need help promoting a new product quickly, and an influencer can provide info to followers to pique their interest. Whatever the reason, seriously consider what you’re hoping to achieve before taking the leap. stays on the cutting edge of marketing trends to benefit our clients. Along with enhancing social media engagement and managing your business’s reputation, we can also help you develop a mobile application to boost customer engagement even further. Let’s discuss your current marketing goals today.