Tips to Improve Your Rank on Google Maps

Not only must your business appear on Google Maps, it should also rank as high as possible for maximum visibility. Here are a few things you can do to improve your current ranking. 

Make Sure Your Google My Business Listing Is Accurate 

Google Maps uses information taken from Google My Business listings. If the information in your listing is inaccurate or missing, your placement on Google Maps will also be affected. Your listing must include the basics, such as hours, business description, contact information, and a link to your website, but you can also add extras to improve your rank even further. Adding things like images, ratings, customer reviews, FAQs, and verified status are also beneficial. 

Use the Right Keywords in Business Descriptions 

Keywords and phrases are how people find your website online. Keywords can also be used in your business description, which ensures people looking for your goods or services are able to find you. Along with keywords relevant to your business, also include local descriptors. For example, a dental office in Albuquerque might include “trusted Albuquerque dentist” in its business description.  

Solicit Reviews 

Consumers are encouraged by positive reviews of a business. Additionally, businesses with more reviews rank higher on Google Maps. Making a request for reviews on social media is an effective way to solicit your customers’ opinions, which many will be more than happy to provide. Don’t be too concerned about receiving negative reviews, as virtually every business has received poor feedback from a customer. Just respond sincerely and try to solve the issue to improve the customer’s experience.  

Update Information as Needed 

Any changes to your business should be reflected in your Google My Business listing. This is especially important when it comes to hours of operation. If your physical store front is currently closed, visitors can still read your hours of operation for remote services, so make sure they’re accurately displayed in your listing. If customers find your store closed when it says open on Google Maps, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere in the future.

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