5 SEO Tips for Impactful Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal based businesses, such as landscapers, heating contractors, pool companies, and many others, often face downtime throughout the year. While downtime typically means decreased revenue, you can use online marketing to increase profits during the leaner seasons of the year. Here are a few helpful strategies to employ to create an impactful seasonal marketing approach.

1. Research Relevant Seasonal Topics

Trending online topics naturally vary from season to season. For instance, more people will need lawn care services in the spring and summer than they would in the fall and winter. On the other hand, heating services are usually sought after once the weather turns cold to ensure homes remain comfortable. Creating content that addresses relevant seasonal topics can bring more people to your website, which may result in more paying customers.

2. Revamp Existing Content with Updates

You may not always have the need for brand-new content, but updating existing pages is also useful when it comes to optimization. In this case, incorporating new keywords that are relevant to the current season can introduce your business to new users, who might be in search of your seasonal goods or services. You can also make tweaks to product pages if changes have occurred since the information was originally published.

3. Create a Plan for Upcoming Seasons

Along with tweaking your marketing approach according to the current season, you should also look ahead to the future to develop a solid plan. For example, landscaping companies typically experience a slow down after summer, which is the perfect time to create deals and specials to attract customers. Offering reduced prices on leaf clearing or tree trimming can increase your customer base during the off season, and advertising deals via online marketing will ensure the word gets out on your special.

4. Adjust Your Google Profile as Needed

Your Google Business Profile is crucial for appearing in local searches, which are the most likely to result in sales. Accordingly, you must make sure that the information on your profile page is fully accurate and up to date. If your business offers different hours of operation throughout the year, don’t forget to adjust to ensure customers are fully informed. Your Google Business Profile also allows you to add other information, such as promotional updates or even product images.

5. Collaborate with Content Creators

Seasonal-minded content creators can be your best friend when it comes to effective marketing. Inviting a guest blogger to create a post regarding wintertime yard maintenance can benefit landscaping and lawn care companies. Conversely, pool companies or concrete contractors can share information from industry professionals on why the winter is the best time to make updates to the exterior of your home.

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