How to Tell If Your Website Design Is Outdated

When it comes to your business, making a good impression on consumers is important for overall success. Along with developing quality products and services, you must also consider your business’s website.

Your website is the digital representation of your business, so it must offer the right look and function to ensure users remain satisfied. When a website becomes outdated, the experience will suffer, and you may lose customers as a result. Here are some signs that it’s time to revamp your site.

Basic Information Is No Longer Relevant

Has your business recently changed locations? Are your hours of operation different? Perhaps you’ve added new products to your inventory. When the wrong information is presented on your website, users will be unable to make informed decisions about your business. In this case, a customer may be frustrated by the experience and turn to a competitor if they’re constantly dealing with inaccurate information.

Your Website’s “Personality” Is Lacking

Much like people, brands with bold, vibrant personalities tend to get the most attention. When website branding blends into the background, or doesn’t stand out much against the competition, chances are good that consumers will overlook it. In this case, consider the core mission of your business. You can also consider what kind of values you’d like to communicate. These aspects can inform your brand’s personality and make it more impactful.

You Have Lots of Broken Links

Users will also be frustrated if every link on your website leads to a deleted page. This highlights the importance of redirecting links to new pages or deleting links when necessary. While interlinking is beneficial, broken and dead links can cause irritation as a person is trying to navigate your website. In this case, a redesign is definitely in order.

Your Website Has an Outdated Look

Along with unmemorable branding, the visual style of a website can also work against it. Consider that web design trends vary quite a bit over the years, and outdated graphics, color schemes, and animations will create a poor impression in users. Your visual style should match your business’s brand, but it must also present a modern look.

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