How to Perform SEO for Zero-Click Searches

What Are Zero-Click Searches?

If you’ve never heard of a zero-click search before, here is how it works: a person types a term or phrase into a search engine. When the results populate, the information being sought is presented at the top of the search results page, above organic results, as a featured snippet, definition, or how-to block. The person has received the information they were looking for, so there is no need to click on any of the organic results produced.

As an example, let’s say a person types in the search phrase “why is my sink leaking”. A featured snippet will appear at the top of the page that lists the different reasons why sink leaks occur. While it’s possible that a person will require more information, in many cases the featured snippet will satisfy their search. Zero-click searches are gaining in popularity at a rapid pace, with a whopping 62.5% of mobile users never clicking on a link after a search.

How Can SEO Be Applied to Zero-Click Searches?

When faced with the prospect of zero-click searches, which will only become more prominent as search engines become more sophisticated, SEO is more important than ever. Additionally, many of the SEO best practices that are currently used are still effective in this case. Consider the following:

  • Enhanced Keyword Research – You probably already know the importance of comprehensive keyword research to make sure you’re targeting the correct audience with your content. In the age of zero-click searches, taking time to assess click-through-rates and clicks-per-search is crucial. These metrics could open your eyes to which keywords are the most successful.
  • SEO for Featured Snippets – Competing with featured snippets is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible. Look at current featured snippets and take note of their wording and format. While it’s true that unique content is a must to stay on the right side of search engine algorithms, you can rearrange your content so that it resembles the layout of featured snippets. Aim for short, informative answers that can be succinctly displayed to users, while also incorporating your most effective keywords.  
  • More Meaningful Content Creation – Keep in mind that zero-click searches are good for returning short answers to often simple questions, and not all searches will fall into this category. By creating content that delves deeper into a topic, you’ll be providing valuable content that many readers demand. While it’s still important to optimize to increase your chance of being included in the featured snippet, more meaningful content keeps users reading beyond their initial query.

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