How Can Humor Be Used to Enhance Social Media Engagement?

However, you don’t need to be a nationally or internationally known corporation to make use of humor on social media. Here are a few ways humor can further engagement within your social media marketing campaign, no matter the size of your business.

Humor Leverages the Power of Pop Culture

The best social media messaging is topical. Information moves rapidly as people share and comment on popular stories. Additionally, there could be numerous big events or occurrences during a single day, which provides ample marketing opportunity to your brand.

Integrating your business’s message into a larger topic, such as a breaking news event or the latest bit of celebrity gossip, can have an enormous impact on your reach and visibility. When you approach said topic from a humorous angle, your messaging will have an even greater impact.

Humor Conceals Marketing in a More Palatable Package

Consumers are savvier than ever these days when it comes to sales and marketing pitches. Blatant marketing efforts are usually met with displeasure by consumers and may also make your business appear outdated. Conversely, humorous messaging serves the very important purpose of exposing as many people as possible to your brand while simultaneously entertaining your followers.

It could be said that marketing couched in humorous messaging has a greater viral quality. People are quick to share things that make them laugh and are a lot less eager to share obvious marketing pushes, which offer little value outside of making others aware of a product or service.

Humor Allows Your Brand to Stand Out

Let’s say you have an HVAC company, and your business is one of many that offers similar services in a particular area. Let’s also say that most of your competitors have a presence on social media, where they share things like tips on HVAC maintenance, information on specials and discounts, and other messages applicable to the heating and cooling industry.

Now, let’s imagine that your company’s social media integrates humor into your marketing. This includes posting funny HVAC memes, riffing on current events, and using humorous hashtags to expand awareness of your brand. Who do you think your customers will remember at the end of the day? Chances are a business that incorporates humor successfully into advertising will be remembered over competitors with a staid social media presence.

Our social media marketing team at add in the right mix of humor into campaigns to deepen engagement with your target audience. We also love sharing trending information with you, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.