How Will Holiday Searches This Year Differ from Other Years and What Does It Mean for You?

According to a report conducted by Microsoft, holiday shoppers will begin hitting e-commerce sites earlier than normal this year. That means many people could begin looking for gifts during the early fall, which is much sooner than the standard start date of Black Friday, which falls directly after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The early start means business owners must prepare for the influx of customers right now, or they risk missing out on revenue. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for the holiday season.

Competition Will Be Fierce Among Businesses

The early start means that competing businesses will be vying for the attention of consumers even more fiercely than normal. Online marketing is key to raising awareness of your business and ensuring local customers are fully aware of what you have to offer.

If you haven’t done so recently, consider your keyword strategy on your website and social media platforms. Keywords are words or phrases customers type into search engines when looking for specific products. While they’re often business and industry-specific, they can also be holiday-oriented. Along with your core keywords, consider incorporating some that relate to the holiday season, or even those that mention a hot new product or service.

Customers Expect Alternatives When Shortages Arise

Shortages are always a concern when shopping for the holiday season. Due to the effects of the pandemic, consumers are even more fearful that sought-after items will be missing in stores and online. It’s up to business owners to provide ample alternatives to these items, to ensure customers are satisfied with their shopping experience.

Gift cards are an important alternative that allow shoppers to patronize your business in the future, even if they can’t get what they want right now. Businesses are also encouraged to make gift cards easier to obtain. Along with in store purchases, consider providing gift cards digitally to cover all the bases.

Businesses Must Appeal to Consumers’ Better Nature

Sustainability is a huge buzzword these days, and for very good reason. Consumers are more concerned with their carbon footprints than ever, and as a result are in search of businesses that also hold these values. Reports say that searches for sustainable products have increased by a whopping 37%, which indicates that brands must take the concept seriously.

If you have sustainable products in your current inventory, make sure they’re highlighted in online advertising. If your business uses sustainable practices when developing products or providing services, make sure your customers know. Something as simple as a social media post can highlight your commitment and establish you as environmentally friendly.

The holidays are fast approaching and is here to help you boost your marketing approach. We’ll make sure your SEO strategy suits the season and makes the biggest impact on local consumers. We can also tweak your marketing campaign to attract even more customers.