How to Create High Converting Content

Web content can entertain, inform, and educate. It can also increase conversion rates for your business. Conversion rates measure the number of visitors to your website that have become paying customers. This is an essential factor in your success, and content creation plays a crucial role in improving conversion rates. Here are a few proven tactics that can boost your business’s bottom line.

Add Visual Elements

Visual elements are crucial with longer posts and articles. Some readers may be intimidated by a wall of text, but visual components break up content, so that it’s more palatable to readers. There are also a wide range of visual elements at your disposal. Images, graphics, videos, charts, infographics, and screenshots are wonderful supplements to posts and can illustrate your point so efficiently.

Ensure the Layout Is Easy to Read

Even with visual elements, massive blocks of text might still be overwhelming to some readers. This is where layout comes in. Short paragraphs are best, with a maximum of six lines per block. You should also make use of sub headers whenever possible, which help readers focus on the theme of each paragraph or section. Using bullet points or numbered lists is also a good way to make your layout a bit more dynamic.

Use an Amazing Headline

The headline is the reader’s first introduction to your content. In the time it takes for a person to read the headline, they will decide whether to keep reading or to navigate away from the page. You can improve retention rates by applying certain rules to headline creation.

Be sure to include relevant keywords within the header for SEO purposes. Use words like “what”, “why”, and “how” to entice the reader to find an answer to their question. Using numbers in headlines are also beneficial, as when your content is presenting a numbered list. Outside of these conventions, make sure the theme of the content is sufficiently summarized. Also, try to keep the header to about seven words.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action (CTA)

CTAs direct readers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or opting in for a weekly email newsletter. They also highlight the benefits the reader can expect if they take the desired action as soon as possible. The best CTAs are compelling, short, and to the point. Including words like “now” and “today” add a sense of urgency.

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