Google Unveils Multimodal Search: What Is It and How Will It Work?

Google is already known for having a highly advanced search algorithm, one that many online marketers take great pains to try and understand. The Multitask Unified Model (MUM) takes the search algorithm one step further for a truly comprehensive and immersive search experience.

While individual users are excited about the prospects of MUM and what it will mean for their online experience, digital marketers and business owners are equally intrigued by this advancing technology. Here are a few things to consider about Google’s latest advances, so you can capitalize on changing technology to boost your marketing approach.

Understanding MUM

MUM uses artificial intelligence to tease out nuances within search queries. Under normal circumstances, users input search words or terms and the algorithm looks for specific keywords to tailor searches. With MUM, the algorithm looks for deeper clues in language to find a deeper meaning. In turn, searches offer more meaningful information and improve the user experience overall.

Instead of searching for keywords, users can ask the search engine more complex questions. Using the information supplied by designers, the search engine will then scour this information in order to create the best, most relevant reply. Along with its in-depth understanding of language, MUM is also designed to parse queries in many different languages, refining its ability even further.

E-Commerce Applications of MUM

One of the most exciting advances offered by MUM is its incorporation with Google Lens, which helps users collect visual images virtually. For example, a Lens user can snap a picture of an interesting pattern on a shirt or pair of pants, then use MUM to attach that picture to a certain search term, such as socks. From there, the technology allows the user to search for that specific pattern in socks, which has the potential to revolutionize the way online shopping is performed.

MUM is also slated to enhance the “shopability” of online searches by showcasing items related to the user’s initial search. This can include clothing and other types of apparel in the same style, color scheme, or design as the initial item. Along with improving the user’s shopping experience and ensuring they find items they’re looking for, this technology can also help online retailers reach even more customers than they would normally have access to.

While it will still take some time before a full rollout of MUM occurs, is here to help you refine your marketing strategy right now. In addition to our knowledge of proven SEO techniques, we also remain on the cutting edge of new technology to benefit our clients.