Alert: Possible Google Algorithm Update

Earlier this month there was evidence of some “seismic waves” in Google search engine performance. While Google is neither confirming nor denying an algorithm update, there are signs that some change(s) has been made, mostly affecting the ranking of links.

Signs and Symptoms of Algorithm Change

When algorithms change, search engine activity changes. According to Search Engine Land, major search engine tracking tools, including MozCast, Algoroo and RankRanger, all picked up on irregular activity on February 1, 2017. In addition to these trackers, a number of private blogging networks reported slow activity, including slow link indexing.

Who’s Been Affected

Major algorithm changes usually make headlines because either we know it’s coming or nearly everyone is affected. This possible update has flown under the radar is because its effects are limited. The target of the change (if any) is link spam. As a result, most of the sites affected are either:

  • Link-heavy in nature, i.e., the volume of links needing to be indexed make the algorithm change more noticeable


  • Sites relying on black-hat link building strategies (yes, they still exist)

Sites that rely on white-hat SEO and organic link building strategies may not have noticed any difference in ranking, traffic or analytics at all.

What You Need to Do

Because adheres to white-hat SEO strategies, including link building, you likely do not need to do anything. Links leading to your site have either been created organically or have been requested from reputable sources.

If Google confirms an algorithm update and changes are likely to affect your search engine performance, we will let you know and take a proactive approach to keeping your site at the top of the results pages.