How to Find Your True Brand Identity

Whether your business is just starting out, or you are thinking about re-branding an existing company, establishing an effective identity is important. Consumers want to feel connected with businesses on a more personal level, and a well-developed brand is the best way to establish that bond. You already know what your business stands for, but it can be challenging to communicate these values to your audience.

There are multiple areas where you can present your business’s core values, including your website, social media pages, advertising, email marketing campaigns, and any other places where you regularly interact with customers. The first step is to develop a compelling and effective brand, and the following tips can put you on a clear path to success.  

Don’t Be Too Eager to Follow Trends

Trends aren’t inherently bad but being overly concerned with following the latest trends can make your business appear inauthentic. The needs of your business should always come first, no matter what type of design and branding trends other businesses are following. If a specific trend is counter to the personal image of your business or company, it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore the trend and forge your own unique path.

Try to Maintain a Consistent Tone

Your brand identity should serve as a road map for the rest of your marketing efforts, as consumers expect a consistent experience across all platforms. This consistency increases confidence in your company and what it offers, which is an essential aspect of building brand loyalty. Consistency is comforting and familiar to your desired audience, and it also re-affirms why your customers chose to do business with you in the first place. However, content on your website and social media pages must still be unique. Maintain a consistent tone, but make sure the actual information you’re presenting is distinctly different from page to page.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Most businesses go through changes as they progress and advance. Maybe you’ve changed the services and products you offer, or maybe you’ve undergone an image update since first opening. These changes probably mean that it’s time for a re-branding effort, which aligns your business and its new image. While changing your brand can be intimidating, especially if you’re already well-established, holding back can also be damaging if your image is no longer in step with the goals of your company.

When re-branding, keep the needs of your customers in mind. You want your business to appeal to your target audience, which will garner the most positive response. Also, consider the tone used on social media platforms. This can provide indication of whether a fun, whimsical image is better, or if you’re better off with an authoritative, conservative approach.

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