Facebook Bulletin: Everything you Need to Know

As new platforms emerge, content creators must take the opportunity to get to know them and what they offer. Facebook recently announced the launch of Bulletin, a newsletter platform designed with independent content creators in mind.

How Does Bulletin Work?

Bulletin is a subscription newsletter that allows writers to publish their work, which can then be followed by interested subscribers. The platform is intended to provide a voice to people who otherwise might have difficulty breaking into publishing. It also allows writers to monetize their content while growing their audience.

Do You Need a Facebook Account to Used Bulletin?

While you can subscribe to Bulletin without having a Facebook account, there are certain functions that require interaction with Facebook. For example, you can only join certain groups or purchase a premium subscription if you already have Facebook Pay. Bulletin also occupies a completely separate platform than Facebook to maintain autonomy.

Is Bulletin Moderated?

Bulletin’s stated goal is all about supporting independent content creators and allowing them to thrive. However, there are concerns that a lack of moderation will lead to some of the issues other platforms have experienced, where harmful rhetoric is allowed to be published without intervention. Bulletin’s response appears to be to be careful in selecting who is allowed to produce content on it, but only time will tell whether that approach works effectively.

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