5 Ways to Enhance Online Marketing in 2023

A new year calls for a new approach to online marketing. Properly marketing your business online is crucial for growing your customer base, increasing your bottom line, and offering a better experience to users. Here are a few things to make marketing in 2023 an unbridled success.

  1. Don’t Neglect Content Quality

Quality content reigns supreme when it comes to SEO. While optimizing for Google’s Core Web Vitals is definitely important for achieving a good search rank, these factors can’t take the place of compelling and engaging content on your website. Remember, the best content informs, educates, and entertains at the same time. Great content also keeps visitors returning to your website time and again, which is the best way to boost sales conversion rates.

  1. Understand the Three Stages of Customer Journeys

Customer journeys typically entail three separate stages and understanding these stages can help you create an effective marketing effort at each step in the customer experience. The first stage is awareness, meaning the customer becomes aware of a need and seeks out goods or services to address it. The consideration stage is next, during which the customer looks for potential solutions to their problem. The third and final stage is decision, which requires an effective call-to-action to entice the customer to do something specific, such as scheduling an appointment or filling out a contact form.

  1. Make Use of Google Alerts

Tracking trends and changes is a key aspect of online marketing success. Accordingly, you must be privy to new information and developments as they become available. Google alerts can bring important analytics developments right to your inbox, and the following alerts are most beneficial when it comes to marketing:

  • Spikes in referrals and mentions
  • Slow page loads
  • Notice of manual penalties
  • Notice of internal errors
  • Drops in web traffic
  • Decreases to revenue
  • Alerts regarding malware

These alerts are easy to set up within your Google Analytics dashboard. Enabling alerts ensures you remain one step ahead of changes and potential issues.

  1. Improve Website Accessibility

Web accessibility means that a website can be easily accessed by anyone, including people with disabilities. While it’s imperative to ensure that all members of your target audience can access your business online, web accessibility also affects user experience and ranking within search results pages. While you may need to do a deep dive to determine where your website is lacking in accessibility, things like voice search, alt text, and the color of web elements are all important factors to consider.

  1. Consider Switching from Google Analytics in 2023

While Google Analytics is a valuable tool for marketers, upcoming changes could impact its usefulness. In July 2023, Google will be eliminating the free version, Universal Analytics, in favor of Google Analytics 4. This new platform is associated with some challenges, including difficult navigation, complex data migration, and potential violations of the European General Data Protection Regulation. Accordingly, marketers should consider implementing another form of analytics software to continue to capture data in a meaningful way.

Here at SonicSEO.com, we pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of internet trends and updates. That’s why we perform regular monitoring of our clients’ websites, which allows us to make timely changes to keep you ahead of the competition. Contact us today for more information on new web trends and updates.