Email Marketing Tips for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Email marketing has been an effective method of keeping in touch with customers for some time. Email marketing allows you to send out updates on your business, as well as provide information on any new services or products you’re offering. In recent months, email marketing has become more important than ever as businesses attempt to operate in the midst of a global pandemic.

Email can be used to provide the latest news and information to consumers, which is greatly appreciated in a time of so much uncertainty and confusion. As a result, using email marketing effectively is a must right now, and the following tips can help guide your decisions.

Be Empathetic in Your Messaging

Marketing is all about compelling the reader to take a specific action. However, when people feel scared and uncertain, you must be delicate in how you use your marketing endeavors. First and foremost, you must have empathy for consumers, who are likely facing huge obstacles and challenges in their lives. An empathetic tone shows that you have genuine care and concern for your customers, and not just concerns about increasing your profits or boosting your bottom line. Acknowledge what they’re feeling, provide moral support, and present solutions your business offers in a clear and concise manner.

Consider the Financial Implications of the Pandemic

Many people are struggling financially right now, which will impact their ability to patronize your business. Keep this in mind when crafting email marketing messages, as even those consumers who are doing well financially might be reluctant to spend too much. In this case, consider bringing lower cost goods and services to the front of your marketing efforts. You can also develop deals or specials that reward loyal customers with some kind of bonus as a thank you. While earning money is still a priority for your business, being sensitive to financial issues can win a customer’s loyalty for life.

Reach Out for Information from Your Customers

Personalization is also crucial, as it creates a sense of connection between your business and its customers. In order to craft highly personal messages, you must first have the right information from your users. Send out a request via email asking consumers to voluntarily fill out surveys or polls. You can also utilize pop-ups on your website with links to informational forms. When you receive responses, use them to develop your marketing campaign further to ensure it offers the biggest value possible.  

We are All in This Together

There is no denying this is a difficult and trying time for the entire world. That’s why all of us here at strive to offer our clients the highest level of support, which ensures you can continue to connect with your customers throughout the pandemic. If you’d like to discuss a digital marketing strategy with our team, please contact us today to learn more.