How eCommerce Sites Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has numerous applications, from gaming to education to healthcare and so much more. eCommerce is also making use of AI and deep learning to improve the experience of customers while also increasing the bottom line of businesses. Here are a few ways businesses are already using AI to improve the experience of their customers.

Adoption of Visual Search Tools

Visual searches allow the use of pictures, screenshots, and images when looking for similar items online. For example, if a person falls in love with a piece of furniture when visiting a friend, visual search allows them to snap a photo of the furniture and upload it to find similar pieces from local retailers. This is obviously an invaluable tool for eCommerce, as it helps shoppers find what they’re looking for in situations where conventional text searches fall short.

Smarter Recommended Products Listing

Previous experiences online, such as search history and shopping purchases, tells quite a story. That’s why many online retailers are applying deep learning to this data, which allows them to present products to consumers based on their unique interests. The benefits are twofold: users aren’t frustrated by being presented products they don’t want, and retailers can look forward to increased sales numbers, because users will see items, they actually have an interest in.

Personalized Sales Ads

Self-learning algorithms collect information on individual shoppers and use them to vastly improve their shopping experience. One way of doing so is creating personalized, targeted ads designed with the shopper’s specific interests in mind. When these ads are presented to users, they’re more likely to interact with them since they’re based on their unique characteristics.

More Efficient Sales Support

Some online shopping tasks don’t require human interaction at all. Chatbots can be employed to answer basic questions about products, which makes for a more efficient sales experience. Chatbots use AI to process language naturally, which ensures they understand queries and questions and return the most useful information to shoppers based on the information provided.  

Your eCommerce site is your business’s digital storefront. As a result, it must exemplify the best of your business to consumers. Contact today to develop a smart strategy for your eCommerce site so you can give your customers the experience they demand.