Lessons to be Learned from Corporate Social Media Campaigns

When it comes to corporate advertising, much has changed over the years. This is especially true when it comes to social media, which has gone beyond simple promotion to dynamic interactions between brands and customers, as well as brands and other brands.

Even small businesses can learn important lessons from some of the most successful social media advertisers in the corporate world. Here are a few techniques to apply to your own campaign.

Emphasize the Trustworthiness of Your Brand

One would expect a world famous fast food establishment to only present only the best images of their products. A recent campaign from a popular chain instead emphasized their all-natural ingredients by showing their burgers covered in mold, which is a far cry from other chains and their seemingly indestructible menu items.

While showing unappetizing food flies in the face of every conceivable social media rule for restaurants, it’s an innovative and eye-catching way to show that your offerings are made using fresh, wholesome ingredients. It also builds trust with consumers because it’s a genuine gesture that is unconcerned with appearances.

Don’t Be Shy About Acknowledging the Competition

While there is definitely an art to friendly bantering between brands on social media, ignoring your competition or pretending they don’t exist is not the way to go. Your followers will be thinking about your competitors when making a purchasing decision, so using social media to make the case for your brand can help influence their choice.

You don’t necessarily need to tag other brands or direct posts towards them, but you can make comparisons between your products to establish what you have to offer consumers. And if you are close with direct competitors, a friendly back and forth can benefit both your brands.  

Know When to Be Casual

Social media is the place for businesses to present a more personal side to their brands. Establishing a relationship with your customers means interacting with them in a way you would with a friend or family member.

Social media is the right place for light-hearted jokes, memes, and other forms of personalized engagement. While posts must be easily understood by your followers, there is less of an emphasis on strict grammar and language conventions.

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