What Is Low-Code App Development?

It’s no secret that mobile applications are highly beneficial to businesses. Not only do apps provide easy access to your customer base, they also offer a convenient experience when shopping for goods or scheduling services.

While beneficial, traditional app development is extremely complex. Low-code app development methods aim to make the process easier and more efficient, which benefits business owners. It can also reduce the cost for app development when compared to traditional coding. But is the method really right for you?

How Low-Code App Development Works

Apps are traditionally constructed via hand-coded computer programming, which requires high levels of experience and knowledge to achieve. Conversely, low-code development entails a visual user interface to build app elements.

Instead of writing lines and lines of code, and experiencing a major operational error if code is written incorrectly, low-code development allows to build separate elements independent of one another, which makes it easier to deal with any issues or errors.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of this app development process is how quickly an app can be built and launched. Because no special experience or training is required, many people can make use of the low-code method. Additionally, apps can be scaled up quickly should the need arise.

Of course, low-code app development also has its critics. There are questions about how effective the end app will actually be, depending on its purpose. There are worries that low-code apps may fall short of their duties when undertaking more complex actions.

Security is another issue. If an app is used to input customer information, such as credit card info, high-level security is a must to prevent breaches. Low-code apps may not fully comply with crucial security measures, which leaves customers vulnerable.

Finally, low-code app development may not be able to provide the features you demand. Customization typically requires hand-coding to ensure proper function and user satisfaction. While very basic apps may be able to get away with low-coding, more advanced features are not available when using simplified techniques.

There are other methods of quickly and efficiently developing an app that gets real results. Our team of skilled developers at SonicSEO.com use a website to app method that uses existing elements to build your mobile application. We can also add custom features to ensure your app meets and exceeds user expectations.

No matter which method you choose, you can rest assured that your app will be highly secure and functional. We’re always happy to discuss your marketing strategy, so reach out to us today.