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The Ecommerce Outlook for 2024

In the past, virtually all businesses had a physical location that customers could visit. These days, ecommerce businesses allow entrepreneurs to provide goods to the public without the need for a physical location. Along with a more  

A Guide to User Psychology for Marketing

Impactful marketing isn’t just about presenting a product or service to your target audience. The most effective marketers appeal to consumers on a psychological level and play into their emotional responses. By forging a deeper connection with a target audience, marketing strategies are bound  

Why User Experience Is So Important in Mobile App Design

When it comes to app design, the experience of the end user must be a guiding principle. If an app is not easy to use and doesn’t afford a satisfying experience, it’s unlikely to catch on with your target audience. Accordingly, app developers must  

Tips on Determining Content Effectiveness

Effective online content will make the biggest impact on your target audience. Along with capturing their attention, effective content can also drive actions, such as buying a service or product, visiting a landing page, or downloading an informational packet.

What Is the Helpful Content Update and How Does It Impact Search Rank?

In September, Google announced its helpful content update, which included changes related to content creation, web hosting, and other topics. Understanding this update is key to maintaining a solid search rank, as well as to avoid decreased traffic.

What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keywords are terms and phrases people use when seeking goods and services online. Search engines look for relevant keywords within online content to determine whether they match what the user has inputted. When search engines find a good match, they populate the search results  

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