How Businesses Should Talk About COVID on Social Media

Even with vaccine rollout underway in so many places, it’s likely that COVID-19 will continue to play a massive role in life for many months to come. Along with the challenges this poses to individuals, it also makes running a business so much harder.

Your online presence is key right now, as many people are unwilling or unable to visit physical store locations. While your website and app offer practical information and allow your customers to make purchases remotely, your social media platforms are ideal for maximizing engagement.

Creating posts during a challenging time is a delicate process, and businesses must craft effective yet compassionate messages to meet customer needs. Here are a few approaches you can take.

Add Context to Promotional Content

Social media is a great way to present your products and entice followers to make purchases. However, promoting products during a pandemic can be taken the wrong way, especially when so many people are struggling financially.

By adding some context to promotions, your users will have a greater understanding. For example, explain that while you understand things are tough for everyone, you’re doing what you can to keep your staff employed and financially stable. If possible, you can also discount certain items to show that you have your customers’ needs in mind as well.

Post as Much as Possible

It’s just a fact that more people are spending more time online, particularly on social media platforms. While posting frequency shouldn’t take a backseat to quality, you should be providing frequent updates on a wide range of topics and subjects. However, try to keep frequency at a maximum of two posts per day to ensure you’re not frustrating your followers.

Along with posts relating to your business, you can share interesting news and information that relates to your business or industry. You can also share a jokes, memes, and feel-good videos to take your users’ minds off stressful situations.

Express Empathy

There’s no telling what your followers are going through these days. Some people may have lost loved ones, others may have lost their livelihoods, and so many feel isolated from the things and people they care about most. Expressing empathy shows that you know where your customers are coming from and can relate to their struggles in some way.

It also shows that you genuinely care about their needs and challenges. Businesses these days can’t just be a facilitator of quality goods and services. They must also present a persona, one that savvy consumers are able to align themselves with. The businesses that best convey empathy to others are those that will win the hearts of their customers for life.

Managing your own social media can be difficult under even the best of circumstances. As your social media management team, is here to help you develop on-brand messaging, posting schedules, and so much more. We make sure practical considerations are in place, but we also strive to increase engagement with followers by crafting sincere, humble posts that inform, entertain, and empathize.