5 Crucial Steps to Boost Your SEO

With so many people preferring to interact with businesses online, developing an attractive and effective website is more important than ever. It’s also important to expose as many people as possible to your site, which requires proper use of search engine optimization (SEO).

The better the SEO, the higher the rank your site receives, search engines review many factors when deciding where to rank a site. Here are a few practices to help boost your current online ranking.

  1. Choose the Right Keywords

When a person performs a text or voice search online, they’re taken to a results page with the most relevant findings. That’s why the keywords you use in your content must accurately reflect your business and industry. They must also match the type of things your target audience would search for, whether those are products or services.

Consider that many people use long phrases or questions when searching for information online. As a result, your keyword selection must go beyond the popular terms to include less obvious keywords as well. This includes long-tail phrases containing three to five words, which people typically use when in search of something specific. Diversifying your keyword selection benefits your SEO strategy in the short and long-term.

  1. Update Your Website Frequently

Readers demand timely, quality content to remain engaged with your website and what it offers. Search engines also love new and original content and will even penalize sites for reusing information or failing to make regular updates.

In addition to practical updates announcing changes to hours of operation or new product launches, blogs are helpful for keeping a site fresh and exciting. Blogs are also good for providing readers with useful information and establishing your business as a knowledgeable authority.

  1. Make Sure Images Are Optimized

Image optimization is an often-overlooked factor when boosting a business’s page rank. Using relevant images in your content keeps readers visually engaged, but good practices can benefit you from a SEO perspective as well.

For Instance, alt tags contain textual descriptions of the images on your page that search engines use to interpret them. The best alt tags are short, concise, and share a keyword with the page itself. Use of good-looking, high-quality images is another crucial factor to consider. It’s also better for an image to be unique, as opposed to using a stock photo.

  1. Use Meta Data Effectively

Like alt tags, meta data also helps search engines analyze information from your website to determine the appropriate rank. Title meta data establishes a headline, while description meta data provides a short summation of the contents of a page.

Both the title and description will show up in a listing on the search results page to provide a quick snippet of information to the user. For the best results, meta data must be concise and descriptive. It must also be compelling, as an exciting headline and description have a much better chance of attracting your target audience.

  1. Ensure Good Page Speed & Load Times

People are accustomed to a fast and efficient experience when browsing the internet. When pages take too long to load, there’s a very good chance that the person will navigate away. They will also form a poor opinion of your business, which will lead them directly to a competitor.

Search engines reward websites that provide a good user experience to its readers. That’s why load times are such an important consideration. You want visitors to be able to navigate to different sections easily, so they find the information they’re looking for. This is especially crucial for ecommerce sites, as user satisfaction is tied directly to your bottom line.

With SonicSEO.com on your side, you can rest assured that we’re using the very best SEO practices to keep your business at the top of the search rankings. We also regularly review our strategy and make the necessary changes as ranking factors evolve. If you’re seeking a boost in search rank, contact us today.