We Are One of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in New Mexico… Again!

Yesterday we were honored as one of the Best Places to Work in New Mexico by the New Mexico Business Weekly. So what’s so great about working at SonicSEO.com? Here are some of the things our staff had to say:

  • For me, it’s always been Arvind and Becky’s thoughtful and caring attitude for their employees. I love the way that they look at someone and figure out what they’re best at and what they like doing…and then help them grow their skills in areas they love. They really want people to be happy.
  • I like the environment and the team work we have.
  • I love the variety of projects I get to work on.
  • The benefits here are awesome and Arvind and Becky aren’t like bosses I’ve worked for anywhere before. They’re great.
  • Everyone’s very close, like a family.
  • I’m new here and there’s been a genuine effort to get to know me and have a community.
  • I love the people I work with: their sincerity and passion for each other and what we do. People genuinely care for each other and it’s nice to work with people who are more than just co-workers.
  • Arvind and Becky rock! They give us the ability to go out and grow in areas that we like. They allow us to use our own voice and don’t force us to be robotic. They really care.
  • I’m able to be me. It’s my goal to keep my clients happy…and I’m given the freedom to care for my customers in my own way.
  • Internet marketing is a fascinating and ever-changing industry…and I’ve been allowed to explore all of it and work with this team to develop the best product out there. I’ve never been denied any resources, software or tools I need to get my job done.
  • Everybody’s very friendly and we’re all working toward the same thing—which is the satisfaction of our customers. I love working with people who put forth 110% everyday.
  • There’s a true family atmosphere here. It makes it easy for everyone to do their job because management is very approachable.
  • Arvind and Becky are the most understanding bosses I have ever worked for.
  • There’s a real easy going atmosphere here. Everyone’s real friendly and I like the way they welcome new employees…it’s like you’ve worked here for years.
  • Arvind and Becky are really accessible and are there to help you if you need anything.
  • I like that there’s the opportunity to learn new things.
  • This is the best job I have had. Ever. And it’s because of Arvind and Becky.
  • I like the extremely pleasant environment, the high ethical standards practiced by everyone here and how nice everyone who works here is.
  • Everybody’s so friendly.
  • I like my job, what I do. Arvind and Becky are nice people to work for.
  • It’s fun! I enjoy what I get to do and the team here is really cool!
  • I love the fact that I’m valued as more than just an employee. Arvind and Becky treat us like family and you just can’t beat that.

Clearly, Arvind and Becky are the force behind this great company that we all love. To Arvind and Becky: thank you for making SonicSEO.com one of the best places to work. It’s not just an award. It’s a beautiful reality we get to experience every day. Thank you! The SonicSEO.com Staff