What’s the Difference Between B2C vs. B2B for Paid Social Media?

While organic social media should serve as the foundation of your marketing strategy, paid social media is another essential component. With paid social media, your business pays a fee to a social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram, in exchange for your content to be shared with a specific audience.

Paid social media offers quite a few benefits. It puts your brand in front of a new audience who is likely to be interested in what you have to offer. It also helps you increase awareness of your business while your organic marketing gains traction. Some businesses even use paid social media to promote a new product, service, or event.

This marketing method has something to offer for all types of businesses. While marketing needs vary based on the audience you’re appealing to, paid social media has proven effective for B2C and B2B companies.

How Does Paid Social Media Work for B2C Companies?

B2C companies have long relied on social media marketing as part of their overall strategy. When it comes to paid social media, businesses often use ads to tap into new audiences quickly. They may advertise across social media channels depending on where their target audiences can be found. Most businesses use a mix of promotional and light content. The overall goal is maximizing engagement, which makes it more likely that a customer will do business with you.

What About B2B Companies?

Social marketing strategies, both paid and organic, tend to be more challenging for B2B companies. In the past, these companies have relied on offline methods of increasing leads, such as cold calling or in-office visits. These tactics are obviously far less effective today, so most B2B companies have taken to the digital landscape when in search of leads.

The first step is to choose the platform for your target audience “lives”. For B2B companies, that usually means prioritizing platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s also beneficial to personalize content to your specific industry. You must speak directly to those people who would be interested in what your business offers, and that entails using the right terminology.

Personalizing ad messages is also crucial to make the most of paid social media. Some platforms even allow you to develop custom audiences for your ads, which ensures they are precisely targeted to the people most likely to respond. Finally, all ad campaigns should be in-tune with overall goals of your company. If your strategy is not helping you achieve these goals, it’s time for an update.

How Can You Develop a Winning Strategy?

Personalization is the key to any successful paid social media strategy. That’s why SonicSEO.com tailors our services to your specific needs. If you’re looking for methods to enhance engagement for a B2C or B2B business, let’s review your current strategy.