B2B: Is Your Online Marketing Reaching Your Audience?

You’ve been in an Ashram in India for the last few years, it is probably not a surprise to hear that online is the best place you can place your marketing dollars. What you might not have thought of—or been informed about by your internet marketing service—is the importance of having a website that is easily accessible and navigated on mobile devices.  Sound silly? Here’s why it’s not.

Forbes Insights surveyed some senior-level executives in October 2010 and found that 82% of them used smartphones. And, among those 82%, two-thirds of those smartphone users are willing to make work-related purchases by using their mobile web.

If yours is a B2B company, you can see the importance of having a strong web and mobile web presence. If a busy executive wants to make a large purchase quickly during his cab ride between meetings, he has to find your site fast. And, once he gets there, it has to be easy for him to make that purchase immediately. Otherwise, he reaches his next meeting, puts it off until later, and you may have lost that sale.

Why Just Having a Good Website Can’t Cut it Anymore

Believe it or not, there are ways to design a page that can make it easily readable and navigated on mobile devices. However, if your website is only set up to be viewed from a computer, that doesn’t mean it is user-friendly and easily viewable on a mobile device. Your company needs to be accessible online, and if your website doesn’t fully function on a mobile device, you could lose business.

If you’ve hired a good internet marketing service, they should understand your unique marketing objectives and be able to help you design an effective campaign for traditional and mobile Web viewing devices.