Are Backlinks Important to Your Website?

When it comes to developing an effective SEO strategy, there are lots of technical aspects to consider. While the look and function of the site is crucial to provide users a quality experience, the presence of backlinks are essential to ranking high within search results.

Also known as inbound links or incoming links, backlinks are one of many factors search engines consider when ranking your site. The better your backlink profile, the more likely it is that your site will achieve a high rank and be visible to as many users as possible. This guide explains the importance of backlinks and how you can boost your current profile.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinking occurs when one website creates a link to a page on another site. For instance, if your business sells automotive parts, and an online car magazine links to a page on your site regarding a specific part that they’re referencing in an article, that is a backlink. People reading that article are likely to click the link that leads to your site, which means you’ll have a new visitor and a potential sale.

Why Are They Important?

Effective backlinking typically offers several benefits to businesses:

  • Increased Traffic – Incoming links bring traffic from other sites to your own website. When the user clicks on a link, they’ll be taken to a relevant page on your site. In addition to increasing the number of views your site receives, improved traffic also has the potential to increase your customer conversion rate.
  • Greater Credibility – Search engines prioritize sites that appear to be credible, and backlinks serve as a vote of confidence. This is especially beneficial when the other websites linking to yours are highly credible on their own.
  • Increased Trust – When users see that credible websites link to your own, they will have more trust in your business. Greater trust is key to gaining new customers, but it also ensures you retain the ones you already have.

How Can You Improve Your Backlink Profile?

While backlinking is an important aspect of SEO, any links to your website must be relevant to have the greatest impact. Low-quality links, such as those that aren’t really relevant to what a webpage offers, can actually decrease your search rank.

The best way to earn backlinks is through organic methods, meaning that another website recognizes the value that your site offers and links to it. Quality content is key in this respect, so the pages on your site must be unique, informative, entertaining, and offer value to the reader. You can also offer to create a guest blog for another website. Once the blog is published, the other website owner can link to a page on your own site.

Here at, we know how important effective SEO practices are for achieving a high search rank. That’s why we make sure backlinks and other essential elements are included in client sites. We also take the time to explain our process to you, as we want you to be completely satisfied with the end result.

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