A Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

Along with your business’s website and social media platforms, you should also have a mobile application to better engage customers. Once your app has been developed, you’ll need to market it within different app stores to increase awareness.

App store optimization (ASO) is an essential marketing strategy that all app owners and developers must use to raise awareness. This guide explains more about the ASO process and how to ensure your app is a success.

How ASO Works

Much like an optimized website achieves a higher rank in search results, an optimized app will achieve a higher rank in app store searches. That’s the purpose of ASO, which can help expose as many members of your target audience as possible to your app and what it offers. There are a number of ASO ranking factors to be aware of, including number of downloads, app name and title, description, reviews, and more.

No matter how well-crafted your app is, it won’t benefit your business unless people are aware of it. Additionally, an estimated 40% of apps are found via app store searches, which highlights what a useful tool ASO is to spread the word about your business.  

Why Keywords Are Crucial

Keywords are terms and phrases users type into search engines to find relevant information. Much like online searches, keywords are also vital for finding apps that meet a need or interest. For instance, a user may go into the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and type a certain word into search in order to find what they’re looking for.

Choosing the right keywords makes it easier for your business’s target audience to locate an app. As a result, good selection entails exhaustive research into a business’s customer base. Understanding your target audience and their wants and desires provides an improved perspective on the types of terms and phrases people are typing into search engines. With this knowledge, you can incorporate the best keywords into your SEO strategy.

Practices to Avoid When Choosing Keywords

Certain keywords are a lot more popular than others. While you should include these keywords in your ASO strategy, you must also include less popular words and phrases to boost your ranking in all types of searches. For example, long-tail keywords are a great way to enhance traffic to your app, as they have less competition than the top keywords in your field.

Where you use the keywords is another key factor in your success. In addition to using them in the app description, make sure keywords also appear in the title and name. You also want to use a high volume of keywords, as the most popular iOS and Android apps typically use between 60 and 110 keywords.

Not only will SonicSEO.com develop a mobile application for your business, we can also help you promote it through various channels. Our design and SEO team excels at boosting brand recognition and choosing the best keywords for your audience. Contact us today to develop an ASO strategy that gets results.