A Guide to Search Equity and How It Could Impact Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major concern for business owners and online marketers. Due to fears about how prioritizing SEO will affect a user’s online experience, Google is now considering implementing practices to enhance search equity. This guide discusses the basics of search equity and how it could potentially affect your business.

How Search Equity Differs from SEO

As of now, Google uses certain criteria to determine the rank of a website. These criteria can include the quality and uniqueness of the content, the usage of keywords, the ease of navigation, the speed at which pages load, and many other factors. The websites that are able to meet these criteria most effectively are the ones that appear at the top of the search results.

With search equity, the quality of the content is the primary ranking factor to be concerned with. Under ideal circumstances, the content that offers the most value to the reader, whether that means the best entertainment or the most accurate information, will be ranked the highest.

Search Equity and Google My Business

Having a comprehensive Google My Business profile improves your website’s rank in local searches. While businesses that appeal to a national market must tailor their strategies to appeal to a much wider audience, local searches are beneficial for those businesses who receive the majority of their customers from the surrounding areas. Getting businesses interested in ranking locally also benefits Google, as it has a vested interest in compelling more people to complete Google My Business listings.

In this case, search equity benefits Google because it may entice more businesses to sign up. However, Google has proven repeatedly it’s genuinely concerned with the user experience, so it rewards those websites that make it a priority. Search equity is another method of boosting the user experience by providing relevant, expertly crafted content.

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