5 Digital Marketing Trends of the Near Future (And Beyond)

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

While multi-channel marketing refers to interacting with customers over various platforms, omni-channel marketing places the customer at the center of all interactions. Businesses must create a consistent and personalized experience across all platforms, from social media to e-commerce sites. The goal of omni-channel marketing is to forge a stronger bond between consumer and brand.

  • Voice Search Optimization

Along with smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, the steadily rising number of voice searches are also performed on smartphones using virtual assistants like Siri. Certain strategies can improve voice search ranking, such as creating content with user intent in mind. Optimizing content to be more conversational is another method. Use of long-tail keywords, which are longer, more specific keyword phrases, matches the way a person might interact with a smart speaker or virtual assistant. 

  • Chatbots

Once visitors arrive at your site, how do you convert their visit into a sales transaction? Chatbots are proving increasingly valuable in this respect. Chatbots offer a deeper level of interaction and can also satisfy basic customer queries. They’re also relatively cost effective when compared to their return on investment.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality isn’t just for gaming. It can also further customer engagement by allowing a person to interact with a product within the comfort of his or her own home. For example, a makeup company can use augmented reality to invite customers to try different shades and products before buying. Virtual tours are another way to increase awareness of a brand or highlight the experience of using a product.

  • Personalized Marketing

As customers become more and more savvy, marketers are opting for a higher level of personalization when it comes to ad campaigns and interaction. This entails an understanding of customer-generated data to determine likely behavior and intent to tailor messaging and offers. Generic, obvious marketing pushes raises the ire of consumers and generally signal a company that has fallen behind in terms of digital marketing.

At SonicSEO, we’re constantly innovating our approach to online marketing. That means our clients will be able to access emerging technology and new marketing methods as they become available. We also emphasize classic, proven strategies like quality content creation to inform and entertain your target audience. If your marketing needs should evolve or your feel your current strategy isn’t enough, we can also help you get started with pay-per-click advertising or voice marketing to diversify your advertising efforts.