4 Benefits to Blogging Your Business Can’t Pass Up

As soon as you reach your marketing and sales goals, it’s time to make new ones. In other words, marketing is never done. And that’s just as true for online marketing as it is for print, TV, radio and in-person marketing.

One way to maintain your online marketing performance is through regular blogging. The addition of quality blog content on your website (and cross-linked marketing channels) boosts your SEO metrics and intangible assets, like credibility and consumer confidence.

Benefit #1: Fresh Content Delivered Daily/Weekly/Monthly

“Freshness” has long been used by search engines as a ranking criterion for loads of searches, including searches performed to find products and services like yours. So, having fresh content on topics relevant to your industry and product/service line boosts your ranking potential.

When you own more digital content that could be matched with relevant search terms, your odds of coming up at the top of search engine results improve.

Benefit #2: When You’re the Conversation Starter, You’re the Authority

There are two sides to every story, right? According to psychologists, people are much more likely to believe/latch onto the first side of any story they hear. It’s called the primacy effect or “law of primacy in persuasion.” You can make that effect work for you when you talk first about events happening in your industry, and blogs give you the perfect platform to do that talking.

When you blog about current events and trends before your competitors do, your perspectives and opinions are likely to hold more sway. And that puts you on the path to becoming an influencer, someone consumers look to for buying advice.

Benefit #3: Personality Delivered

No matter what they’re looking for, today’s consumers have dozens of choices. While quality and price are commonly drivers in any consumer’s decision-making process, they are often not the selling point. Consumers are looking for a brand that resonates with them, a brand that shares their values, a brand that cares.

Blogs give your company continuous opportunities to make your brand’s values and personalities known. Because many blogs (most, we daresay) are not direct-marketing pitches, the personality projected through them is considered more authentic (than your website), a more real reflection of who you are.

Benefit #4: Influence

When you post regular quality blog content, it will get found and shared, and soon you have a following. It won’t take long before viewers start looking to your blog and your brand for input, including advice and opinions about issues related to your larger industry.

When consumers start to look to you to help form their opinions, you become an influencer, and in a world awash with breaking news, fake news, updates on updates, etc., there simply is no substitute for influence.

Benefits of a Blogging Service

Your company can only reap the benefits of blogging when you post regularly and post content that actually says something. If you haven’t tried keeping up with blogging on your own, what you’re going to find out quickly is that posting one blog is easy. It’s getting the next one up that’s hard. There’s always other “real work” to do that takes priority. There are bouts of writer’s block to deal with. And before you know it, three weeks have gone by and there’s no new content on your blog.

There’s an easier way to get fresh content, engage your target audience and work your way to becoming an influencer—invest in a blogging service. SonicSEO.com provides blogging as an add-on service to your SEO package. We do everything from generate the topics to selecting images to complement your blog. All you have to do is give us the green light.

To explore blogging for your website, contact us.